The history of singers attempting to make a lasting stage presence is a long and often poignant one.

But in the midst of the long journeys singers often endure; there is always that one spectacular standout from the group, whose voice is destined to be heard. My name is SaGine. I am a young emerging singer, song-writer and actress whose innovative mind mixed with tenacity stretches far beyond my passion for performing as well as creating music.
As many of you may already know, I am involved in music. For those of you who are not familiar with me; let's me share with you my artistic journey. My name is SaGine. I am a young emerging singer, song-writer and actress. I am currently raising funds for my upcoming single. Unfortunately, to produce a radio quality song isn't cheap and it's impossible to get the attention of Recording Label executives without the help of a great music power broker.
I am asking my friends and family to lend me a helping hand of support to help me achieve my dream of becoming a recording artist. With a small donation of any kind -whatever the amount may be- it will help me fund the project to get me into a recording studio and work with a top notch music producer. In return, once the single is produced, you'll receive a copy with a signed autograph. I am looking forward to seeing YOUR NAME up on my fundraising credit list.